About Us



Aces and Cavendish Bridge Clubs offer warm and welcoming environment for
players of all levels. A friendly atmosphere combined with a
pleasant professional staff to provide maximum enjoyment for
bridge players.  Whether you take lessons or play in a duplicate
game, you will find that all of our activities
are like spending the afternoon with your dearest friends — doing
something you enjoy with people you like. We
provide the entertainment, a comfortable atmosphere, and
refreshments to ensure that you
have a good time.

Most of our lessons are geared for beginning and intermediate
students who want to learn
how to play and enjoy this wonderful game without having to get
a Ph.D. in bridge.
However, we do offer advanced-intermediate lessons for those
who want to progress into
serious bridge.
Aces and Cavendish Bridge Clubs are a
place to learn and play, and have a good time while doing it.


Aces Bridge Club:
We are located at 244 West 54th Street, Suite 705 between
Broadway and 8th Avenue.
Our space is well lit, air conditioned and carpeted. Aces is easily
accessible with 2 large modern elevators.  All our cooking is
done on premises, homemade fresh every day by a former
Gramercy Tavern chef.

Cavendish Bridge Club:
We are located at 177 East 87th Street, Suite 302A between
Lexington and 3rd Avenues.  We have an alternate entrance at
1556 3rd Avenue, between 87th & 88th Streets.
Our space is well lit, air conditioned and carpeted. Cavendish is
easily accessible with 2 modern elevators.  All our games include
lunch/dinner, snacks and beverages.  All our cooking is done on
premises, homemade fresh every day.


Aaron Silverstein is a well-known and popular New York area bridge teacher and player. He has managed, directed and played in numerous New York bridge clubs for the past 15 years. Aaron has won numerous tournaments at the national, international, regional and local level. He is a National Champion with over 20 years experience teaching bridge both privately and in classroom settings. He is a Grand 1987. Aaron is also on the National Appeals Committee and the National Laws Commission of the American Contract Bridge League and on the Board of Directors for the Greater New York Bridge Association. Aaron is married to Gennifer Binder, also a bridge player, professional chef and attorney with whom he has a 5 year old daughter, Avery, a bridge director & player in the making.
Michael Berkowitz, head director
Gennifer Binder and Avery Binder Silverstein, club managers and directors, and chefs
Andrew Rosenthal, director
Rob Barrington, director of education
David Gurvitch, director
Leslie Galardi, weekend chef